back in the US of A

I have been back home for a few days now and I have already cured most of my cravings. I had chick-fil-a on the way home from the airport (I guzzled down that sweet tea like no other), eggo waffles every morning (have no idea how I lived without them for 6 months when I’ve been eating them for breakfast my whole life), chicken and yellow rice and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston. YUMMZ.

I went to Target today, had completely forgotten how glorious that place is and then I got to just drive around in my car, singing at the top of my lungs. I think that must be the thing that I missed the most, you really can’t sing in a house with 4 roommates.

Leaving was really, really strange. I had no idea what to feel, am I happy? sad? I think I was a mixture of almost every emotion possible. There was a lot going on at the end of my time in Scotland, I got a lot closer to some of my roommates and started having a heck of a lot of fun and it definitely made it much harder to leave. I guess that’s how it goes when you’re leaving some place though. It’s fun and exciting at first, absolutely miserable in the middle and then all of a sudden you’re having the time of your life right before you have to leave.

And now that I’m back, I feel like I have no idea what just happened. I remember other Scotland interns from the year before telling me that it all feels like a dream when you get back and it absolutely feels exactly like that. All the sadness is gone because now I look back at these AMAZING memories and friends that I made and just feel so great that it happened but am so glad to be back to what is my real life.


what i’ve been up to

Well it’s October and I haven’t updated in forever! Too bad my life consists of work and there isn’t that much to update on. I’ll make it short.

I went to London and stayed at a fancy hotel

Then I met Hugh Grant, Andy Garcia, Michael Douglas and Elizabeth Hurley during the Dunhill Championship. They all look much shorter and older than you’d expect.

Now I only have a couple weeks left in St. Andrews. Looking forward to a little bit of travelling with Meghan and then back home! Lots to come :)

stirling castle

We got to the castle and they were filming some weather show. I tried real hard to get in front of the camera.

The William Wallace Monument in the distance (Braveheart)

The Cathedral

You’d think the Queen would have better taste.

close to home

My parents were here in Scotland with me last week! I had a glorious 4 days off of work and they went by way too fast. It was really nice seeing them! We had a really great time seeing as much of Scotland as we could with their friends Mike and Katie. They went to a couple other towns on the days I still had to work but on my first day off with them we went to Pitlochry which is north towards the highlands. I kept saying I felt like I was in a town in Colorado. It was so charming! Have a look.

um, no thanks

Brian the explora


dam dad

This bridge was really shaky and I didn’t like it at all.

We walked across the dam and there were some pretty great views.

Then we went to the Queen’s view. It had, you guessed it, really good views!


More to come!

the beautiful oslo – day 4

Our last day :( . We had a limited amount of time to spend in town before we had to catch our plane so we headed to the Munch museum. It was pretty cooooool guys.

The man himself, Mr. Munch.

That’s all folks!!

I just enjoyed another holiday with my parents exploring Scotland. Lots of pictures to share soon!

the beautiful oslo – day 3

We got lucky and had a beautiful 3rd day. We didn’t have to wear our rainboots! YIPPEE!! Vigeland Sculpture Park was our first stop. It was a giggle fest, just wait.

Juggle those babies.


Then we went walking around the residential area of West Oslo. FANCY.

Next stop: Royal Palace

Not that impressive.

Next stop: the Opera House

The restaurant that Karin and Anine took us to the day before with the great views.

Inside the Opera House

the beautiful oslo – day 2

We had some relatively nice weather for our second day so we walked about 10 minutes to the metro to start our day. Here’s a couple pictures of the view on our way down to the metro.

We got off at a different stop so we saw some new territory.

We then hopped on a boat which takes you to the other side of the city where some museums are at.

That thing on the top of the mountain is the Holmenkollen ski jump. You can see it from anywhere in the city. Unfortunately, we never got around to getting up there because the metro routes got changed blah blah blah.

The west side of Oslo is very wealthy and we had to walk through a fancy neighborhood to get to the museums. Some of the houses remind me of Charleston.

Then we went to see the viking ship. Long story short: its a big, old boat.

time for a yummy snack!

back to the boat

Some big ol houses.

Then we went to the Nobel Peace Center, one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

Then we went to the kid section, obviously, and I got my picture put in the paper with Fridtjof Nansen! Yes, I AM his unknown helper. Where’s my Nobel prize, huh?

Look at this snazzy room.

oh heyyyyy

We made a little pit stop by Oslo University

Then we ate dinner at Olivia

We headed back to the house after dinner but then Karin and Anine took us up to this amazing restaurant for coffee up on a mountain. Incredible views! It was gorgeous!

Look at dem pretty clouds. gawjus.

Day 3 coming soon :)

the beautiful oslo – day 1

It’s been incredibly sad to see these horrible things happening in such a beautiful place. My trip to Norway was amazing and spent with such a caring and accommodating family. Our experience would have been so much different without them. Darianne and I are so happy to hear they are safe.

When planning our trip we realized how expensive it would be for us to even stay in a hostel so I looked on , a website Meghan Hyatt (the peace corps friend) told me about. We ended up meeting this wonderful family and had an amazing, amazing experience. I would recommend it and plan on doing again. It isn’t bad on the wallet either (new friends and 0 dollars/pounds/krone spent). It doesn’t get much better.

Travelling to Oslo was quite the adventure. Our plane left Edinburgh at 7:45 or something in the morning, Darianne got off work at 2 am. We slept MAYBE 2 hours. I slept the whole flight and then the whole 2 hour bus ride into city center. I felt awful that whole day, just completely delirious, nauseous and exhausted. So please excuse my face in the pictures. We waited at the bus station for Karin to pick us up.

I love this picture but have now realized that someone may have had a rough night in this exact spot. EW.

So we stayed with Anine and her mom Karin.

Anine’s little sister Sophie was staying closer to city center while we were there so they graciously let us stay in her adorable room.

This room used to be the kitchen way back in the day but that sink still works! I drank from it one night when I was really thirsty.

Cute little bathroom

Going back downstairs, cutest little bookshelf you ever did see.

The kitchen

Even the staircase is cute! Look at the little kitty!

Once we got settled, Darianne and I took a nice long nap and headed into the city that evening. It was Sunday so most things were closed but guess what was open…

Maxburger! We scarfed it down so fast.

yumz. We then ventured into the rain to explore a little bit.

Just the beginning of the many naked statues of Oslo.

The Nobel Peace Center. We went to this later in the trip, really cool place.

We found Franklin Roosevelt…?

We went back to the house early because Karin invited us to dinner. We watched Easy A with Anine and her friend and then ate some yummy salad and salmon!

Day 2 soon to come! The other days had a little more sunshine :)


You guys!!! I’m going to this beautiful place in just a couple weeks.

For realsies.

Do you know where that is?

That would be none other than Oslo, Norway. I’m going to Norway, you guys! Who even does that?!